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Other types of interpreting

This section aims at providing a meeting place for types of interpretation other than conference interpreting. Many different types of interpretation exist matching the needs of specific settings such as in the area of health care, police services or conflict zones. This platform would like to concentrate in a first phase on types which are considered of growing practical importance in a changed political landscape. Over recent years, increased mobility and migration have led to a higher demand in particular for qualified interpreters in the national and regional public services. Covering needs for qualitative interpretation in legal settings has also proved challenging. These types of interpretation are first and foremost the competence of the member states of the European Union. Yet, this platform may help facilitate discussions and the build-up of expertise and cross-fertilisation among the interpreters' community and with other stakeholders.

Who it is for

The platform is meant for everybody involved in the fields of public service interpreting and legal interpreting - interpreters, students, teachers, trainers, researchers, as well as professional organisations, course providing institutions and public authorities.

How it works

The platform is broken down into similar environments; one for each of the different types of interpreting. For each environment, participants are invited to help complete the information about stakeholders, regulation and practices.

In addition, users can set up communities to discuss subjects of choice and propose contributions for publication linked to both topics. Contributions can range from pertinent academic studies to success stories or other links considered of interest here and may be provided in any language. The relevance of the platform will depend on its users.