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Best practices
New technologies

DG SCIC recently carried out an extensive round of testing of four selected Interpreting Platforms. The aim of these tests was to obtain an informed opinion on these new vehicles of delivering simultaneous interpretation ahead of the Annual ISO Technical Committee 37 (Language and Terminology) Meeting in Ottawa, where DG SCIC is traditionally an active member.

The tests provided valuable information about these platforms, their functionalities and usability for interpreters and helped SCIC to better promote the interests of interpreters within the ISO Working Group, where a new document on these platforms is being prepared.

At the meeting, the vast majority of DG SCIC’s insights, based on the testing, were accepted as valid additions to the initial proposal. DG SCIC is proud to be able to contribute to this kind of standard setting, which is essential for the profession.

You can find out more about the tests and their outcome in this report.