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Public Service Interpretation

A cancer training workshop for interpreters hosted by Metro South Health has harnessed the complexity of treatments into language that interpreters can use to improve understanding for people from non-English speaking backgrounds.

Organised by MSH Strategic Partnerships and PA Hospital’s Division of Cancer Services, the June workshop welcomed 60 interpreters representing over 25 languages for a targeted health professional development opportunity that some described as ‘the best training they have ever attended’.

Nurse Manager in Cancer Services, Sue Schoonbeek said the workshop partnered with the MSH Multicultural Cancer Sub-Committee to give insight into essential knowledge for interpreters working with patients who have a cancer diagnosis, and also the ethical considerations that may come up as part of treatment.

“The workshop consisted of presentations on cancer terminology, cancer diagnoses, testing and treatments as well as interactive case studies to put this into context,” she said.

“We are very thankful for the time our medical staff dedicated to this activity to prepare targeted information and deliver this during their weekend. It was invaluable to the interpreters.”

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