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SCICtrain is a dedicated virtual video library which answers all your questions about training as an interpreter. We have just published updated versions of our videos dedicated to accreditation tests.

This series of videos aims to demystify the inter-institutional accreditation test for interpreters wishing to work at the EU institutions. The test, otherwise known as the freelance or ACI test, is organised jointly by the three interpreting services of the EU institutions – the Commission, the Parliament and the Court of Justice. Successful candidates are then placed on a common list and can be recruited by the EU institutions as freelance interpreters. At first glance, this process might seem somewhat daunting, but the videos will take you through the testing process step-by-step and give you a better idea of what to expect. 

The first video covers your application, the pre-selection test and all the practical aspects regarding the accreditation test itself. It includes topics such as the sequencing of the tests, the composition of the jury and the room layout.

In the second video, you will hear from two Commission interpreters who have decades’ worth of experience of sitting on test panels. You’ll find out what makes a successful test candidate.

In the third video, you will see a simulation of a freelance test including the panel and candidate introductions, the delivery of the original speech and the candidate’s interpretation.

The final video gives you a glimpse behind the scenes as the jury deliberate. You will see how they evaluate the candidate’s performance and reach a verdict.

We hope that these videos will be of interest to prospective candidates wishing to take the freelance test. To apply for the test, please visit the following website. This site also contains a great deal of useful information – including the language profiles currently sought by the institutions. Make sure to carefully read all the eligibility requirements before you apply.

We look forward to hearing from you!