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Two panels of circa 200 Europeans each met beginning of November in the form of a fully on-line event, discussing in 24 languages the future of Europe. A world premiere - and… it worked!!

The participants feedback was utterly positive: Many panellists expressed their gratefulness for being part of such an important process and praised the successful implementation of such a technically complex event. 94% of panel 2 participants declared being super happy or happy when asked “how content are you with the results so far?”.

Citizens from all walks of life from all EU Member States, randomly selected, discussed over 2, 5 days manifold ideas with the goal to formulate orientations for the final recommendations to be agreed in the Conference Plenary, which will be followed up upon by the European institutions. On 5-7 November, 200 Europeans dig into topics related to working in Europe, an economy for the future, a just society, learning in Europe and an ethical and safe digital transformation. On 12-14 November, other 200 Europeans focused on democracy/values, rule of law and security.

The following two November weekends will see subsequently the on-line sessions of Panel 3 (climate change/environment, health – 19-21 November) and Panel 4 (EU in the world/migration – 26-28 November). The plenary phases of the sessions on Fridays and Sundays afternoon are live broadcast on the CoFoE multilingual digital platform.

It is still time for Europeans to share on the Multilingual Platform their ideas on the Future of EU policies and activities. These will feed the discussions of the Panels and of the Conference Plenary.

Join the 4 Million Europeans who have been visiting the digital platform of the Conference on the future of Europe and the ca. 35 400 active participants on the platform, be part of the process and shape Europe’s future, your future!

Make your voice heard! - #TheFutureIsYours