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Conference Interpretation

Tian Di joined the first event organised by the EU ALUMNI initiative in Beijing, representing the EU-China Interpreter Training Project (EUCITP) and was able to meet with more than fifty other fellow alumni from seven different programmes. Although it was not the first time she was participating in an alumni reunion, this time was special, “all of us were sharing the same view, we all feel we are connected”. After having participated in the workshop organised by EU ALUMNI, Tian Di would like to remain connected to the alumni community “we belong to a bigger picture or bigger initiative now”.

Tian Di participated in the EUCITP in the 2015-2016 promotion. This EU funded mobility project has helped her to strengthen her linguistic skills, equipping her with extensive interpretation competences. She is one of the many success stories of the EUCITP over the last 30 years. However, she is not only proud of her professional achievements, but also of the opportunity this programme offered her to “have a closer look at the European Union”.

The programme has been a success because it does not focus exclusively on technical aspects related to interpretation but provides a broader understanding on how the EU works. “It has given me a much closer look at the EU. For me and my promotion colleagues it was very exciting to see how the EU has managed to successfully bring together different member states’ visions and interests” explains Tian.

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