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Open call for European Universities Alliances: Jump on board!

The EU Erasmus Plus call for proposals to further support the European Education Area

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Europeans discuss online in 24 languages. And it works!

European Citizens’ Panels within the Conference on the Future of Europe – a unique broad participatory democracy exercise carried out in 2021/2022 – entered in November into their second stage

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Knowledge of medicinal plants at risk as languages die out

Loss of linguistic diversity may lead to disappearance of age-old remedies unknown to science, study warns - The Guardian

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SCIC Universities Conference 2021

The 25th (hybrid) edition – Watch the conference trailer!

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Interpreters for the European Union

University meets the Institutions

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Equity in service delivery: When patients don’t speak your language

An insurmountable obstacle for both the patient and the provider -

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Bilingualism Comes Naturally to Our Brains

Bilingual brains can interpret complex expressions containing words from different languages - Technology

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As an interpreter, I do so much more than translating

I’d interpreted for my parents many times before, but this was different. I was going to be responsible for every word in a realtime argument -

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French, Translator

Pacific Community

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