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The Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union is here!

The SCIC Portuguese Interpreters video contribution

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The KCI Team wishes all our members and readers a very happy holiday season

Let us hope that this next year will be less challenging than 2020 for us all

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Translation as social policy: quality management in public service interpreting and translation

A paper that evaluates the provision of translation and interpreting (T&I) in public services in the European Union

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SCIC promotes International Sign

Towards a more inclusive interpreting experience

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Hablas Español? Spanish in an evolving medical stage

In an evolving medical field, bilingual physicians are able to communicate with their patients in different languages -

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Language of the Heart, a short movie

A film about multilingualism, mental health and psychological therapies

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EU-China Interpreter Training Project: A success story

EU ALUMNI initiative in the context of the EU-China Interpreter Training Project (EUCITP)

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Terminology without Borders

Term Coord

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The Language Show 2020: all talks are online!

All talks from the 2020 Virtual Language Show are available to watch, for free!

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