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PASS support programme for the accreditation of Danish interpreters – part 2

New Danish interpreters on the common ACI list

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New ISO standard on interpreting delivery platforms

Simultaneous interpreting delivery platforms – Requirements and recommendations

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International Translation Day: Translators make the world more familiar

Translation fosters multicultural involvement and mutual appreciation. It deepens our respect for our world’s intangible cultural legacy and shared heritage -

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The second KCI Virtual Café

Here's what happened!

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The future of translation

A bridge between tradition and innovation

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Brussels day of multilingualism

Le multilingualisme à Bruxelles - Meertaligheid in Brussel

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2nd Virtual Café of the KCI

Multilingualism in action

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International Week of Deaf People 2022 and International Day of Sign Languages 2022

Theme for 2022: Building Inclusive Communities for All

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Q&A: Why multilingualism matters at the UN

Multilingualism welcomes perspectives from different cultures and opens us to new ways of thinking -

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English, Translator

2022 Competitive examination for language positions: English Translator/Précis-writers, Editors, Verbatim Reporters and English Linguists P-2, P3

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