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The Conference on the Future of Europe

Communication of the European Commission on the follow-up

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The Virtual Cafés of the KCI, the start of a new pilot project

Here's what happened in the very 1st edition

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Translating and Interpreting Forum Olomouc (TIFO 2022)

Organised by Department of English and American Studies, Translation and Interpreting Section, Faculty of Arts, Palacký University Olomouc, Czech Republic

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Ukrainian language support

A success story

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Accreditation test for interpreters: applications are open!

Work as a Freelance Interpreter at the EU

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Multilingualism Day 2022

Let’s celebrate Multilingualism Day together!

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How about inclusive interpreting?

A conscious use of gender-inclusive speech

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ENPSIT survey on materials to provide PSIT assistance to Ukrainian refugees

Document and disseminate to inspire Europe

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The Virtual Cafés of the KCI

Follow the 1st edition online on 17 June!

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