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Interview with NATO interpreter, Chris Guichot de Fortis

Stress, interpreting and the connection between them

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Intersect: a newsletter about Interpreting, Language and Culture

A weekly update from the field offers highlights about community interpreting and cultural competence

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How technology can promote multilingualism...

and how it cannot! -

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Linguistic diversity is a mirror of cultural richness

Imperative for inclusivity in education and society - UNESCO

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Your accent, your superpower

Don’t be afraid to pass your first language, and accent, to your kids -

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Early bilingual experience is associated with change detection ability in adults

Faster at disengaging attention to shift attention, and at noticing changes between visual stimuli, than late bilingual adults - Nature

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It’s time to pop Ireland’s Anglophone bubble

For Ireland to function effectively in the EU, this will have to change -

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Monolingualism: the thorn in post-Brexit Britain’s side

Why should one bother learning another language, everyone speaks English already? -

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How much do you know about mother languages?

Test your knowledge via a quiz

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MC2 Lab's Food for Thought

Cognitive Translation and Interpreting Studies - Monthly lecture series

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