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Mitigating language and cultural barriers in healthcare communication: Toward a holistic approach

Which innovations can contribute to improving intercultural health communication? - Science Direct

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Strategies in Simultaneous Interpretation

Online lecture on well established ways to solve difficulties arising in SI

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New training support videos: mock conferences

University training online

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Provisions for interpreters in law enforcement and justice in Australia

Spoken Language Interpreters in response to the Covid-19

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FITISPos-International Journal: 7th volume

Training and research in public services translation and interpreting

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New training support videos: mock conferences

SCIC training support in times of crisis

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Juvenes Translatores: Award ceremony

Promoting language learning and translation

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Keep the interpreters working safe: they are essential

Without interpreters working and working safely, essential communication is jeopardized. And that affects us all - The Interpreter's Lab

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Interpreting Coronavirus: a course

Gain confidence in being able to adapt to new practice realities

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Interpreting in times of Covid-19

The interpreting market might be the sector within the industry that has most heavily been affected both negatively and positively -

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