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Russian, Reviser (2 posts)

United Nations, Department for General Assembly and Conference Management

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Interpreter workshop improves understanding of cancer

Interactive case studies to put the professionals into context - MetroSouth

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French, Senior Linguist

NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

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French, Reviser

UN - United Nations

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Spanish, Interpreter

UN - United Nations

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How our brains cope with speaking more than one language

This can reveal surprising things about how our brains work -

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Sign Languages - Raising awareness and inclusion at local and international level

Encouraging recognition, supporting dissemination

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Are you interested in conference interpreting? Zanima vas konferencijsko prevođenje?

Come to the Info Day this Wednesday! Pridružite nam se na informativnom danu u srijedu.

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Spanish Senior Language Services Specialist

International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

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