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The Benefits of Multilingual Learning

Dual-language immersion (DLI), a research-based model that is largely proven to be effective - The Independent

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How learning another language shapes the new you

There are many benefits to learning a language beyond being a useful skill or hobby - UNSW

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Slovenian Presidency of the European Union

The second presidency for the country on a special anniversary

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Tips on helping interpreters prepare for your meeting

Preparation is the invisible work that contributes to the success of meetings - Interpretersoapbox

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Europe Calling

A monthly podcast series

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How to Interpret a President

The Word's Worth - The Moscow Times

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Ensuring multilingual meetings in COVID times and beyond

Hear from the EP’s Acting Director of Conference Organisation

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Translators are the unacknowledged facilitators of the world

But they and interpreters rarely get their due - The Economist

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