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Conference Interpretation

YIA 2019 winners

And the YIA 2019 winners are:

1st  prize Marlene Fleissig 

2nd prize Anna Furlan 

3rd prize Rachel Stuart + Christina Andreea Vasile

Youn Interpreters Awards SCIC EU Commission

The three winners of the Young Interpreters Award 2017, accompanied by Günther H. Oettinger, Commissioner, and Florika Fink-Hooijer, Director-General, on the occasion of the SCIC-Universities Conference 2017 (Brussels).

Young Interpreters Awards Diploma
Young Interpreters Award - The Certificate


The Young Interpreters Award is a contest organised for conference interpreting students. A theme directly linked to the SCIC-Universities Conference is given every year in order to inspire the students. The writers of the three best speeches are then invited to visit DG SCIC and attend the Conference. The winner of the contest gets to present their speeches in front of all the participants.

This year's topic was "The future belongs to those who prepare for it today", a quotation from Malcolm X, directly related to the theme of the event, "Preparing for Interpretation 3.0". The speeches could be written in English, French and German. The names of the winners will be announced at the Conference on 4 April - and it will be web-streamed for those who cannot attend.

This year, as a novelty, we have asked the students' permission to publish their speeches in the Knowledge Centre on Interpretation, so that others get to read their ideas and reflections as well. Please see below the names of the students whose speeches you can find under 'Files', on the left menu. The letters between brackets show the language of the speech (EN = English; FR = French; DE = German).

We hope that these texts will generate discussions among the users of the KCI and be inspiring to you all. Happy reading!

Luz BELENGUER CORTÉS - Universidad Europea de Valencia (EN)
Claudia CESETTI - UNINT Roma (EN)
Marlene FLEISSIG - Leipzig University (DE)
Anna FURLAN - TH Köln (DE)
Carmen GÁLVEZ - Universidad Pontificia Comillas (Madrid) (FR)
Jelizaveta GETTA - Charles University Prague (DE)
David GRAY - University of Leeds (EN)
Radu IACOB - University of Bucharest (EN)
Naomi MYERSON - University of Leeds (EN)
Cecilia SABBATUCCI - University of Vienna (EN)
Francesco SAINA - UNINT Roma (EN)
Rachel STUART - Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh) (EN)
Madeleine TAYLOR-LAIDLER - University of Bath (EN)
Cristina-Andreea VASILE - University of Bucharest (EN)
Jennifer ZELLER - University of Innsbruck (EN)

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