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Conference Interpretation

Scottish Football

June 2021

Neil Munro, former colleague and long-standing member of the Tartan Army, speaks to us about the ups and downs of supporting the Scottish national football team. Check out this talk for an impromptu burst of song and two very silly hats.

Communication and Multilingualism

May 2021

Former EN booth colleague Julian Thompson spoke to us about his wealth of experience as a speechwriter and communications consultant within the European institutions.

Healthcare in the UK and the US

April 2021

Two esteemed colleagues from DG Interpretation's English booth (Christl Cozort and Richard Fletcher) talk us through the intricacies of the UK's National Health Service and the health insurance system in the United States.

Popular Culture and Media

March 2021

Professor Hugh O'Donnell of Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland, talks us through some of his most interesting projects in the fields of language, popular culture and identity. These range from analysis of major sporting events such as the football World Cup and Paralympics, to the study of soap operas across Europe and the world.

The British Royal Family

February 2021

Simon Black, resident of the UK, gives us a personal take on the British Royal family, from the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II right up to the present day.


February 2021

Ethnomusicology is the study of music as part of the cultural and societal context of the people who make it. Tom Beardslee - musician, songwriter and teacher - shares his expertise.

Fire safety

January 2021

Don McCarthy, retired Station Commander from Limerick City fire station, gives an enlightening talk on the ins and outs of fire safety and fire prevention.

Patria / Dolly Parton

November 2020

Our colleague from the English booth, Eoin Ward, gives a speech in two very distinct halves. In the first, he compares the conflict in Northern Ireland to that in the Basque Country. In the second, he talks about Dolly Parton - her music, her entrepreneurship and her charity work.


Have you ever wondered how Maximum Sustainable Yield is actually calculated? This thematic conference organised by the multilingual training service of the Council explains this and many other concepts of sustainable fishing. The talk is given by Dr Mike Bell, of Orkney Sustainable Fisheries and the International Centre for Island Technology of Heriot-Watt University in Scotland. A must for anyone working in fish!



Politico - EU Confidential

The very latest news on EU affairs, hosted by Andrew Gray and Cristina Gonzalez, with contributions from other journalists. Released weekly. A must.

The Documentary

Podcast from the BBC World Service investigating global developments, issues and affairs.

Faye D'Souza

Journalist Faye D'Souza provides short updates, daily bulletins, interviews with experts and government officials, covering the latest news in India.

The Blindboy Podcast

Ireland's most popular podcast, presented by anonymous artist Blindboy Boatclub. An unclassifiable and eclectic mix of interviews, humour, folklore and art.

This American Life

A public radio podcast that focuses on a different theme each week, putting together different stories on each theme.



Reading list

A recommended reading list compiled by EN booth colleague Rosalind Perkins. It covers the English language, economics, geopolitcs and more.

Podcast compilation

The selection of podcasts set out above is - it goes without saying - a drop in the English-language ocean! Here is an Excel compilation of online resources in English covering a much broader range of issues.

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Dear all,

Just a quick note to say that some new content has been added to the KCI "I'm Learning EN". A new video and vocab sheet from the most recent lunchtime talk by Julian Thompson have been uploaded.


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