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Practical information

Thursday, 20 January, 2022


DG SCIC’s Multilingualism and Knowledge Development Unit is organising this online workshop focusing on an exchange of views, experiences and ideas among stakeholders and preceding – and indeed preparing – the actual creation of a new KCI section dedicated to interpreting students’ master’s theses/final dissertations.

Participants will come from a wide range of universities with which DG SCIC cooperates, as well as from the relevant departments in DG SCIC.

The morning session will be dedicated to an exchange around issues such as the added value of making master’s theses available online; whether and how to combine public availability of master’s theses with quality requirements; logistical/technical aspects of database design and updating; challenges and opportunities; possible forms of cooperation among universities in this field; availability of source material; copyright issues, etc. This exchange will be preceded and inspired by four presentations, given by the following keynote speakers: Prof. Dr. Tinka Reichmann, Leipzig University; Prof. Dr. Ivana Čeňková, Charles University Prague; Prof. Dr. Lieven Buysse, KU Leuven Brussels; Prof. Dr. Bart Defrancq, Ghent University and CIUTI President.

The afternoon session will be devoted to an edit-a-thon that will give participants the opportunity, inter alia, to co-design the new dedicated section.

More information to follow.