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Extra support for test candidates

If you are about to take an accreditation test at the EU, you might be eligible to receive some additional help from EU interpreters

Mock test videos

Before applying for and sitting a test you might like to watch a 'mock test'.

Original speech and interpreter's performance 


Deliberations of the jury 


Other videos about accreditation tests

There are some schemes available to selected candidates to help to prepare for the test, such as:

Integration programme

Ieva Zauberga, Head of the Latvian Language Unit, talks about the Integration programme:

PASS programme

PASS stands for Professional Accreditation Support Scheme, and is an intensive inter-institutional 4 week training programme, aimed at helping young interpreting graduates to pass our accreditation tests.

The course ran in the summer periods of 2015 and 2016, and is needs based, which explains why it is not run every year.  Only candidates from those languages where there is a severe shortfall, either in the short or medium term, are invited to apply. Candidates are selected on the basis of their language combination, a well-motivated application, and performance at a pre-selection test.



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