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Conference Interpretation

Practical information

Sunday, 21 November, 2021
Nouméa, New Caledonia


The key responsibilities of the role include the following:


  1. Translation and language pre-processing of documents
  • Produce translations and, eventually, self-revised translations from English to French in a wide range of technical and scientific areas, as well as dealing with general SPC materials which may be highly sensitive and complex.
  • Pre-process and pre-translate, where needed, certain translation requests for work done in-house or outsourced.
  • Work in close collaboration with colleagues to ensure consistency and quality.
  1. Translation project management
  • Prepare and manage translation projects for freelances and, in some cases, for the in-house translation team, using both Multitrans and Studio.
  • Ensure, from start to completion, follow-up on assigned translation projects, mainly from English to French, particularly in terms of meeting deadlines and communication with clients.
  • Track and update the status of tasks and requests in ServiceNow.
  • For self-revised freelance projects, ensure quality control before document delivery.
  • Under the supervision of the Translation Coordinator/Reviser (French), support the work to anticipate and monitor SPC Divisions’ translation needs (technical meetings, reports, etc.).
  1. Support in managing freelances
  • Keep in touch with freelances and update the freelance availability schedule as needed and be able to quickly draw up the availability table to guide the Translation Coordinator/Reviser (French) in freelance selection.
  • Ensure that translation requests are sent to freelances, by working with the Senior Administrative Assistant – Process translations and serve as the reference point for freelancers.
  • Under the supervision of the Translation Coordinator/Reviser (French), take part in selection of freelances, maintain a file on the quality of services provided by the freelances selected as part of the call for expressions of interest (EIO), and help prepare the freelance survey.
  1. Terminology
  • Help broaden the SPC terminology database by submitting terms for new terminology records.
  • Help manage terminology projects and tools.