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The Language Show 2020: all talks are online!

All talks from the 2020 Virtual Language Show are available to watch, for free!

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Foreign language learning in the European Union

What proportion of students learn two or more foreign languages?

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L'italiano e la medicina, course in the medical field for colleagues with Italian A, B or C

A cpd course in the medical field for colleagues with Italian A, B or C.

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The Language Show

For people who love languages: Talks, entertainment and insights

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Albacete among first Spanish municipalities to offer sign language interpretation at its info offices

The service will be tested for a year and then possibly introduced in other departments -

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Demand For Chinese Language Interpreters Grows In Zimbabwe

And with more Chinese investments in Africa expected to increase, Chinese translation and interpretation services will continue to be sought after -

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Cognitive elements of language have existed for 40 million years

Humans are not the only beings that can identify rules in complex language-like constructions -

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Cognitive and Neurocognitive Effects of Being an Interpreter

Interpreters switch their minds between two or sometimes multiple languages constantly due to the requirements of their job -

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Making sure Deaf people are heard: The importance of on demand interpreters

Governments must find optimum strategies to integrate Deaf peoples’ needs into primary health care systems -

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Lost in translation: Interpretation gaps plague French asylum process

France received nearly 120,000 asylum requests in 2019 and one of the most glaring gaps is the lack of quality language interpreters -

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