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Closer than ever: Interpreting in the time of a pandemic

An online event for SCIC to meet Universities and other partners

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Translating Europe Forum 2020

Virtual edition

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Laboratory for Multilectal Mediated Communication & Cognition

A 4EA-Cognition hub to study the mental workings and experience of people partaking of communicative events where not everybody speaks the same language

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CIUTI Conference 2020

Artificial Intelligence & Intercultural Intelligence. Actions and interactions in translation, interpreting and target contexts.

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Distance Learning Course in Portuguese Language for Conference Interpreters

Professional interpreters trained or newly trained with passive Portuguese (C) in the respective language combination

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Resources for language learners

New communities springing up

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5 Tips for a successful videoconference with interpretation

DG SCIC tutorial video for the perfect remote simultaneous interpretation session

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Interpreting President Macron

A professional interpreter interpreting simultaneously the French President's speech at UN

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AIIC VEGA Belgium Mentoring Event

Thursday 1 October at 18h30 on Zoom

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International Translation Day 2020, Ghana - Webinar

This year, let us celebrate ITD (4th Edition in Ghana) as never before. Join together, while keeping a safe distance, in whatever way you can

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