Webinar: Erasmus Goes Digital!
07 Mar 2019 11:00 - 12:30

Join this interactive webinar to find out more about two exciting initiatives in the field of higher education: the European Student Card initiative and the Digital Opportunity Traineeships (DOT) initiative.

What is the European Student Card Initiative?

The European Student Card initiative will digitalise the administrative processes around student mobility for both higher education institutions and students, as well as make it easier for students to access services during their mobility. The first elements of the digitalisation process were demonstrated last December at the official launch of the Erasmus Without Paper Network, marking the start of a phase of testing and preparation before the next Erasmus+ programme begins in 2021.

What are Digital Opportunity Traineeships?

Digital Opportunity Traineeships are making the Erasmus+ programme even more relevant for Erasmus+ students by facilitating traineeships abroad to boost digital skills. This initiative, piloted in the 2018 Erasmus+ call thanks to additional funds coming from Horizon 2020, is also tackling serious skills mismatches in the labour market.

What will I gain from this webinar?

  • Find out how your higher education institution can prepare for the digital evolution taking place in the management of Erasmus+ student mobility, and what support is available.
  • Learn everything about how the Digital Opportunity Traineeship initiative can improve your students’ digital skills, and the funding options available.

Who is this webinar for?

Anyone interested in the future of Erasmus+ in higher education, but in particular staff responsible for student mobility programmes. The webinar is open to all and registration is not required.

Join the webinar through the livestream

Webinar agenda

Day 1 - 07/03/2019

  • Update on the Digital Opportunity Traineeship Scheme and best practices
  • The European Student Card initiative
  • Digital mobility management in the next Erasmus+ programme
  • Latest developments in Erasmus Without Paper
  • How to test the available functionalities of Erasmus Without Paper
  • Q&A (viewers will be able to submit questions live during the event)

The Webinar will be livestreamed here. A recording of the livestream will also be available later at the same url.
The livestream will be available online from 10:40 CET and will start at 11:00

Questions can be submitted during the webinar via Slido - event reference: # esc.

The world we navigate today is digital, and now the Erasmus+ student mobility programme is going there too! Join this interactive webinar to find out more about two exciting initiatives in the field of higher education: the European Student Card initiative  and the Digital Opportunity Traineeships.