• Upcoming 17 - 18 October 2016
  • Brussels, Belgium

  • jean_monnet

The conference theme was selected after a Call for Ideas to the Jean Monnet online community, asking participants about their ideas for a conference theme. Based on almost 50 proposals, the theme "Global Governance in times of Global Challenges" was selected. It also ties in with the launch of the EU Global Strategy by HR/VP Federica Mogherini.

Back to back with the Conference, the European Community Studies Association (ECSA) held its biannual board meeting. ECSA regroups 60 national associations of professors and researchers in the field of European integration studies.

This year's conference was different from those in previous years in at least two ways:

  1. From the beginning, the European External Actions Service was involved in the preparations. The theme chosen, global governance, opened up the possibility to cover many EU policy areas, involving a considerable number of EU services. Five different Commission Directorates-General services played an active role in the conference.
  2. Compared to previous years, the number of working panels increased to 6, using world café-style settings, offering participants more opportunities to participate actively in the discussions.

The conference speakers in the plenary sessions were:

  • Dr Nathalie Tocci, Special advisor to Federica Mogherini, EU High Representative
  • Tibor Navracsics, European Commissioner for Education and Culture
  • Keynote Speaker Dr Hayat Sindi, Visiting Professor at Harvard, Member of the State Council of Saudi Arabia, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador
  • Conference general rapporteur: Dr Vassilis Ntousas, International Relations Policy Advisor at the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS).

Speeches and conclusions

Speech by Dr Natalia Tocci

Keynote speech by Dr Hayat Sindi

Conference conclusions

Conference Panels - Rapporteurs' Conclusions

Conclusions by the conference general rapporteur Dr Vassilis Ntousas


Dr Hayat Sindi, the conference's keynote speaker, was interviewed at the conference on the issue: what can be done to ensure women are better represented in academia and science? Here is an excerpt from the interview:


Opening session Claire Morel, European Commission

Dr. Nathalie Tocci

Commissioner Tibor Navracsics

Keynote speaker Dr. Hayat Sindi

Commissioner Tibor Navracsics with Dr. Hayat Sindi

Artistic performance

Musical performance

Plenary session with 6 panellists

Working panel

Dr. Hayat Sindi with students

Working panel

Working panel

Round table

Closing session Vassilis Ntousas, Foundation for European Progressive Studies

Closing session Adam Tyson, European Commission