Digital Education Action Plan - Action 8 Training in digital and entrepreneurial skills for girls

Addressing the gender gap in digital and entrepreneurship sectors


Developing digital and entrepreneurial competences is key for young people’s participation in the jobs market and in society.

This action foresees a series of workshops on digital and entrepreneurial skills to be organised throughout Europe for girls in primary and secondary education.

These hands-on workshops aim to inspire female students to consider careers in technology, entrepreneurship and innovation. The courses will be run in close cooperation with partners from business, research and education. Role models with careers and studies in technology, entrepreneurship and innovation will also contribute to the workshops and share their experience.


52% of the European population are women.

Only 30% of these are entrepreneurs and 32% economic leaders.

Only 15% of tech sector workers in the EU are women. Participation at senior management and board level is even lower.

Despite the growing demand for ICT skills, the percentage of Europeans with ICT-related education is decreasing. Although this is common for both genders, fewer women than men take up ICT-related jobs and education. For every 1000 women, only 24 graduate in ICT-related fields.

Europe’s gender gap in the entrepreneurship, management and technology sectors is large and growing, because few female students choose subjects and careers linked to ICT and self-employment.


Education can help shape future (digital) entrepreneurs and leaders.

Promoting positive role models and enhancing digital and entrepreneurship skills among girls will help to tackle the gender gap and boost female participation in science, technology and business.

20,000 girls in primary and secondary education across Europe will take part in the workshops over the coming three years.

The Commission will complement the workshops with supporting actions addressing the root causes of the problem:

  • Challenging stereotypes;
  • Education and training in digital skills;
  • Enhancing women’s digital entrepreneurship.

Equality between women and men is a fundamental value of the Eu. Boosting the participation of women in the digital and entrepreneurship sectors are key policy priorities. The commission’s work on this topic is based on the Strategic Engagement for gender Equality 2016-2019 which focuses on five areas:

  • increasing female labour-market participation
  • Reducing the gender pay, earnings and pension gaps
  • Promoting equality between women and men in decision-making
  • combating gender-based violence and supporting victims
  • Promoting gender equality and women’s rights across the world


Workshops will take place across Europe from September 2018 to the end of 2020.