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Digital Education Action Plan - Action 7 Cybersecurity in Education

Raising awareness of teachers and students


This action aims to increase awareness of the risks faced when being online and to support capacity building of educators in online safety. Two initiatives are foreseen:

  • An EU-wide awareness-raising campaign on cyber culture, which will promote online safety, media literacy and ‘cyber hygiene’ for children, parents/carers and teachers.
  • A blended course (online and face-to-face) for teachers on cybersecurity and pedagogical approaches to teaching cybersecurity in primary and secondary education.


1 in 3 internet users is a child.

Around half of 11-16 year-olds in the EU have encountered one or more of the most frequent internet risks.

51% of European citizens do not feel informed about how to deal with cyber threats.

There is an urgent need to raise public awareness of the potential risks of being online and to develop skills to act in safe and responsible ways.


A range of activities and events will take place in Europe and beyond, including on Safer Internet Day, to help raise awareness of online safety issues at home, school, work and in the community.

6,000 teachers at primary and secondary level will be trained on cybersecurity and on pedagogical approaches to cybersecurity.

The European Strategy for a Better internet for children combines financial support, legislation and self-regulation and involves Member States, industry and civil society. under this framework, the commission co-funds a pan-European network of Safer internet centres, coordinated at EU level by insafe and inHoPE. The betterinternetforkids.eu website serves as a single entry point for online tools and services for Eu citizens and the Safer internet community.


The #SaferInternet4EU Campaign was launched by Commissioner Gabriel on Safer Internet Day 2018 (6 February 2018) and will run throughout the year with a series of activities and events covering topics such as critical thinking, media literacy and digital skills.

In 2019 and 2020, a blended course on cyber-security targeting educators at primary and secondary level will be rolled out in 20 different locations in Europe.

How to get involved?

The campaign will build on work by various stakeholders at EU and national level, including the EU network of Safer Internet Centres.

EU citizens, including young people, parents/carers, teachers, policy makers at EU and national level can become a #SaferInternet4EU Ambassador supporting the campaign through articles, blogs, tweets, sharing resources and engaging with other interested parties.