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Digital Education Action Plan - Action 5 Open Science Skills

Teaching, learning and assessing open science skills


The action aims to foster digital competences and open science skills in higher education. The objective is to engage, inform and train higher education students, teachers, researchers and staff. This will enable them to co-design and co-create programmes that tackle societal and technological challenges.


50% of the research community lacks open science skills including knowledge of citizen science.

3 out of 4 researchers have no training in open access or open data management.

  • Open Science skills cover a broad span: from data management to legal aspects, including technical skills, such as data stewardship, data protection, scholarly communication and dissemination.
  • The need for training in open science starts at primary school but becomes increasingly important at undergraduate level. Skills training targeting PhD programmes and researchers at all stages of their career is also vital.


  • 2018: This initiative will be supported trough a call for proposal under the Erasmus+ programme (Forward Looking Cooperation projects) in the second semester 2018;
  • 2019-2021: Projects funded under this call will run for a period of two to three years.


Training courses, and curricula for undergraduates will be developed on:

  • open data, open access, open and FAIR management, analysis/use/reuse, publishing and dissemination;
  • citizen science, including design, development processes, collection, analysis and communication of scientific data.

This training for undergraduates will provide a foundation for further embedded training at PhD level and beyond.

“Train the trainer” continuous professional development courses will be developed on open science for educators in higher education at all career levels.

The working groups on education and skills and rewards under open Science Policy Platform (OSPP) published two reports in 2017 for researchers:

Both reports underlined the importance of integrating and streamlining open science skills and the need to raise awareness and understanding of open science at undergraduate and masters’ level to PhD level training and professional development.