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Digital Education Action Plan - Action 2 SELFiE self-reflection tool & mentoring scheme for schools

Supporting the digital capacity of schools


The action aims to support schools with the use of digital technologies for teaching and learning by:

  • offering to any school in Europe the possibility of using SELFIE, a free, online self-reflection tool on the use of digital technologies;
  • launching a mentoring scheme to scale up ICT-based innovative practice between schools at different stages of technology integration.

SELFIE is a self-reflection tool for primary, secondary and vocational schools. SELFIE helps schools assess, though a series of questions to teachers, students and school leaders, where they stand with the use of digital technologies for teaching and learning. Schools can customise the tool by adding or changing questions for their particular situation. The school gets a tailor-made report outlining strengths and areas for improvement. This report can be discussed within the school and can form the basis for an action plan.

The aim of the mentoring scheme is to:

  • build an inclusive and sustainable network where teachers and schools can support each other and exchange experience on the use of digital technologies for teaching and learning;
  • support the mainstreaming of ICT-based teaching practices through collaboration and peer-to-peer learning.


Only 20-25% of students are taught by teachers who are confident with technology use.

Integrating digital technologies in a purposeful way is a challenge for school education. Actions that focus solely on providing infrastructure or devices yield mixed results. To improve how students learn, technology should be used in a holistic way, with a clear pedagogical focus and a whole school approach.


  • By extending SELFIE to all countries in the EU and the Western Balkans.
  • By engaging schools leaders and teachers in developing a whole school approach to implementing digital technologies for teaching and learning.

SElFiE is based on the Framework for Digitally competent Educational organisations (Digcomporg) developed by the European commission. More than 67,000 school leaders, teachers and students from 650 general and vocational schools in 14 European countries tested SELFIE’s beta version in october 2017. The mentoring scheme is inspired by the living School labs, a project promoting whole school approaches in using digital technologies that ran from 2012 to 2014 and involved 12 ministries of education. Many examples of such peer-learning activities are taking place, for example under ireland’s Digital Strategy for Schools 2015-2020.


  • End of 2018: SELFIE available in all official EU languages.
  • End of 2020: SELFIE used by one million students, teachers and school leaders across Europe and in the Western Balkans.
  • 2020: mentoring scheme launched as part of the Societal Challenge Programme.