About education initiatives

EU initiatives in this field offer students and education professionals the opportunity to better understand educational systems across the EU, and to find a suitable programme of study.

The EU offers prospective students, apprentices and trainees the possibility of a vibrant educational experience in some of the world's most progressive learning institutions.

If you’re interested in coming to Europe to study, the Study in Europe initiative combines information and advice to help you chose what and where to study.

Any school in the world can sign up to use the free online tool SELFIE to see how they are using digital technologies for teaching and learning. SELFIE is available in 36 languages.

The continuous creation of opportunities in the field of education and training remains of vital to the EU and its Member States. EU initiatives, such as SELFIE and Study in Europe, allow individuals to realise their full potential – whether it's a student taking their next step towards a university degree, or an education professional seeking to develop their skills and career.