About education initiatives

Initiatives offer students and education professionals the opportunity to find a course, acquire funding and better understand education systems across the EU.

The EU offers prospective students, apprentices and trainees the possibility of a vibrant experience in some of the world's most progressive learning institutions. The Study in Europe initiative can offer those looking to take their next step into education the tools they need to better grasp what opportunities are available. Students and education professionals can also access SELFIE, thereby growing their understanding of how centres of learning are developing their resources to compete in an increasingly digital and global marketplace. 

The growth of opportunity in education and training remains of paramount importance to the EU and its Member States. Through these intitiatives, we can increase our understanding of how to best reach our full potential - whether it's a student taking his or her next step into an EU university degree, or an official wanting to enhance the capacity of a particular facility.  Get essential information on what ecducation in the EU has to offer.