Policy field(s)


Period of Consultation

17/12/2013 to 15/04/2014

Target group(s)

All stakeholders and individuals are welcome to contribute to this consultation. Contributions are particularly sought from stakeholders interested in or affected by policies and tools on recognition and transparency of skills and qualifications, including learners and workers, governmental bodies, education and training institutions, employers, federations of employers, trade unions, public and private employment services, chambers of industry, commerce and skilled crafts, qualification authorities, guidance services, youth and youth work organisations, voluntary sector organisations, experts.

Objective of the consultation

The objective of the consultation is to collect the views of stakeholders on the problems faced by learners and workers with regard to the transparency and recognition of their skills and qualifications when moving within and between EU Member States, on the adequacy of the related European policies and instruments and on the potential benefits of developing a “European Area of Skills and Qualifications”.

The consultation addresses in particular the following issues:

  1. How to place a stronger focus on higher and more relevant skills?
  2. Further strengthening links between education/training, mobility and the labour market
  3. Adapting to internationalisation trends
  4. Ensuring overall coherence of tools and policies and further implementing the learning outcomes approach
  5. Ensuring clarity of rules and procedures for the recognition of skills and qualifications for further learning
  6. Increasing the focus on quality assurance
  7. Providing learners and workers with a single access point to obtain information and services supporting a European area of skills and qualifications


Consultation document

Background document


Contact details

Responsible service: Directorate-General for Education and Culture – Unit A3
Postal address:


European Commission
Directorate General for Education and Culture
A3 - Skills and qualifications Strategies; Multilingualism policy
J 70 03/125
B-1049 Brussels


Number of responses received to this consultation

A total of 85 position papers and 289 replies to the online questionnaire were received. 44% of respondents replied in their personal capacity and 56% on behalf of an organisation, based in the EU and in Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia and Australia. 63% of respondents have indicated education and training as their main area of activity, 8% employment and 29% other sectors (e.g. culture, research, public relations and communication, international relations).

Results of the consultation and main messages

Results and main messages
Special Eurobarometer report and country fact-sheets

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