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Product Market Review 2013 – Financing the real economy

Author(s): European Commission

Product Market Review 2013 – Financing the real economypdf(4 MB) Choose translations of the previous link 

The Product Market Review published every two years focuses on the role of product market reforms. This edition's focus is on the interaction between the real economy and the financial sector, asking the question: to what extent does the crisis in the financial sector cast a shadow on economic activity? The relationship between access to finance and economic activity is described from a firm-, sector- and macro-level perspective, using both objective and subjective indicators on access to finance, studying within-sector and between-sector reallocations, while considering essential performance indicators such as economic growth, productivity, and export orientation.

(European Economy 8. December 2013. Brussels. PDF. 136pp. Tab. Free.)

KC-AR-13-008-EN-N (online)
ISBN 978-92-79-33667-6 (online)
doi: 10.2765/58867 (online)

JEL classification: C33, D61, E44, F36, L1, O11, O12, O16

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