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Brussels Economic Forum 2012

The Brussels Economic Forum (BEF) 2012 offers a unique opportunity to discuss the next phase of European economic development. High level decision-makers, economists, business executives and the media will gather at the Forum on 31 May to debate and exchange ideas.

Compared with this time last year, Europe has made considerable progress in improving its economic governance. Most of the tools – such as the European Semester, the reinforced Stability and Growth Pact, and the new Macroeconomic Imbalance Procedure – are now in place to manage a closer economic union. Now it’s time to reap the full benefits and go for sustainable economic growth and growth-enhancing reforms.

The Forum will address complex issues such as:

  • How can we finally put the crisis behind us and return to the path of robust economic growth?

  • Do Europe’s current growth models need to be adjusted?

  • How can global solutions to macroeconomic imbalances, financial sector regulation and other global challenges bolster growth in Europe, and vice versa?

  • Can the crisis contribute to accelerating growth-enhancing reforms across the EU?

The 13th edition of the Brussels Economic Forum includes sessions on:

  • Going for growth in Europe: Addressing the public finance challenges and breaking negative feedback loops

  • Growth challenges facing the global economy

  • Growth-enhancing policies in Europe: Which way forward?


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