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The Brussels Economic Forum 2010
25-26 May 2010

Rethinking economic policy in Europe - A new area of EU Econonmic Governance

The Brussels Economic Forum (BEF) 2011 offers a unique opportunity to discuss the new era of EU economic governance. High level decision-makers, economists, social partners and the media will gather at the Forum on 18 May to debate and exchange ideas.

This year, the time has come for Europe to adopt and implement the full, reformed economic governance framework - from the first European Semester to a robust surveillance of fiscal and macroeconomic policies. Its successful implementation will represent a major overhaul of economic policy coordination in Europe.

The 12th edition of the Brussels Economic Forum includes sessions on:

  • The European Semester: strengthening surveillance of fiscal and macroeconomic imbalances
  • Implementing the reformed economic governance framework in practice: ensuring its robustness
  • Economic policy in Europe: key lessons learned from the global crisis


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The Forum Daily

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