Economic and Financial Affairs

Brussels Economic Forum 2009

Beyond the crisis: a changing economic landscape

The Brussels Economic Forum 2009 is a unique opportunity to help shape Europe’s economic recovery. Decision-makers, social partners, media and other key players will gather at the Forum on May 14 and 15 to debate and exchange ideas on the new world which will emerge from the crisis.

Thirty high-level speakers – ministers, European commissioners, leaders of international organisations, central bankers, and academics – will address both crisis and recovery and discuss strategies for restoring confidence in the economy while preserving growth.

The Forum, now in its tenth edition, includes sessions on:

  • Europe and the global response to the crisis;
  • the financial crisis and the design of a new rulebook;
  • ageing, the economic crisis, and their impact on the sustainability of public finances – in the wake of the adoption of the 2009 Ageing Report by the Commission.


If the world economy is in crisis, the market economy is in even bigger crisis. Mario Monti, President of Bocconi Universitymore...


Recordings of the sessions are already available here.