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Pericles 2020 actions to the protection of the euro against counterfeiting

ECFIN manages the Pericles 2020 programme, an exchange, assistance and training programme for the protection of the euro against counterfeiting.

In the last trimester of 2016 the European Commission maintained a high focus on the protection of the euro against counterfeiting by (co-)financing four main training actions.

From 5 to 7 October, the Italian Central Means of Payment Antifraud Office (UCAMP), in cooperation with DG ECFIN, organised the conference 'A community strategy to protect the euro in the Mediterranean Area' in Tirana. This event aimed at strengthening the cooperation in Euro protection in the Mediterranean area. With about 70 participants the event was a great success and helped to consolidate the network of Mediterranean experts protecting the euro against counterfeiting.

That same month, from 17 till 21, DG ECFIN organised the “12th Euro South East Conference”: a regional meeting of anti-counterfeiting experts from the Judiciary, Police, Customs and Central Banks. The South East of Europe is considered as one of the most sensitive regions with respect to euro counterfeiting: given the strategic geographical position, all countries in this region are potential production sites as well as transit areas for counterfeit euros.  During the conference, held in Zagreb, crucial know-how and best practices were exchanged among participants.

The Berlin State Criminal Police (BLN-LKA) organised the conference "Combating counterfeiting currency ", focussing on the distribution of counterfeit money via the internet, especially the Deep Web. The seminar, which took place in Berlin from 24-28 October, aimed at an effective exchange of experiences among experts and at improving international cooperation.

Finally, the Spanish Brigada de Investigacion del Banco de Espana (BIBE) organised the seminar: ”Training Course on Money Counterfeiting in Latin American Countries”. The action brought together 84 experts from Latin American countries (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, México, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela) and representatives from Spain, Italy, France, US together with the European Commission.  During the seminar information about the last achievements in the fight against euro counterfeiting was exchanged and the cooperation between anti-counterfeiting experts in Latin America with the European competent authorities was strengthened. Following precise requests from Judicial authorities from Colombia and Peru, the Commission confirmed that ECFIN will consider assisting national competent authorities with further Pericles trainings (Colombia) and purchase of equipment (Peru).

In addition to the European Commission DG ECFIN, the European Central Bank, Europol and Eurojust took part in most of the events.

More information on the Pericles 2020 programme.


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