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This small child suffers malnutrition complicated with anorexia. He has lost his appetite. These type of cases require special attention in the recovery unit of the hospitals. In October 2013 the Senegalese government started working on free of charge care programme. © EU/ECHO/Esther Huerta Garcia

Africa is scene to multiple conflicts, drought, and a looming famine, all factors which fuel mass displacement of people. Conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo has caused the biggest displacement crisis in Africa; meanwhile Uganda is the largest refugee-hosting nation in the continent, and a largely forgotten crisis in the Central African Republic continues to play out with devastating consequences for its population.

Resulting from successive failures of rainy seasons, the Horn of Africa region (Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya) suffers from drastic food and water shortages. Millions face food insecurity in Somalia, Kenya, and Ethiopia – Africa's second largest refugee hosting country, thus compounding the humanitarian situation in a country which is already struggling to cope.

For years, EU humanitarian aid in Africa has prioritised education in emergencies, the provision of clean water, drought response, food assistance, and combatting malnutrition.

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