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Experts training and exchange

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Why is this important?

Effective crisis response requires that people involved in the relief operations are well-trained. At European level, it is mutually-beneficial for civil protection experts to learn from each other's techniques, approaches, training modules.

What are we doing?

The EU Civil Protection Mechanism runs an active and comprehensive training programme, offering experts from all over Europe a deeper knowledge of the requirements of European civil protection missions. The training helps experts improve their coordination and assessment skills in disaster response.

The programme offers a wide range of courses from basic training to high-level sessions for future mission leaders. Special courses are also available aiming to prepare for specific aspects of missions such as security training or assessments.

Exchange of experts

The expert exchange system of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism allows for the secondment of civil protection experts from one participating state to another. This exchange provides participants with knowledge and experience on all aspects of emergency intervention and the different approaches of national systems.

Applications are open for the EU Exchange of Experts programme. More information on the Exchange of Experts website.

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