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11/03/2021 - Dernières nouvelles
The European Commission has announced today €17 million in humanitarian aid to address the needs of the most vulnerable in Haiti and the Caribbean, which have been worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic.
27/02/2020 - Photo story
EU Aid Volunteers brings together volunteers and organisations from different countries, providing practical support to humanitarian aid projects. Millions are affected by natural and man-made disasters each year. In the aftermath of a disaster,...
14/11/2018 - Video
Dzud is a Mongolian term for an extreme weather phenomenon characterised by a very harsh winter. During a dzud, livestock are unable to graze and have to rely on food stocks. In the past, a dzud occurred once or twice in a decade. Today, climatic...
19/09/2018 - Video
Malawi is a small country in southern Africa with a population of 14 million people who mainly rely on agriculture as a means of subsistence. In 2017, drought in the country affected more than half the population. EU humanitarian support enables...
01/08/2018 - Dernières nouvelles
Alors que l’Asie du Sud-Est fait face à la mousson et ses potentiels effets dévastateurs, la Commission européenne s’est engagée à hauteur de € 6 millions pour des initiatives de préparation aux catastrophes dans la région.
21/06/2018 - Dernières nouvelles
Le Kenya et l’Ouganda figurent parmi les premiers pays d’accueil de réfugiés en Afrique, comptant des millions de réfugiés dans le besoin.
07/03/2018 - Blog post
Greece has received a massive influx of asylum seekers fleeing war, many of whom are minors.
05/03/2018 - Blog post
Seven years ago, Leah Cowan was part of the very first batch of young Europeans to volunteer with EU Aid Volunteers during the pilot phase of the initiative.
Living dangerously close to an avalanche prone slope
06/02/2018 - Blog post
For over a decade, the European Union has funded disaster risk reduction initiatives across Central Asia, which is one of the most disaster prone regions in the world, vulnerable to earthquakes, floods, yearly landslides, mudflows, and droughts.