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/echo/file/accurate-weather-forecasting-nomadic-mongolian-herders_enAccurate weather forecasting for nomadic Mongolian herders

Accurate weather forecasting for nomadic Mongolian herders
14/11/2018 - Video
Dzud is a Mongolian term for an extreme weather phenomenon characterised by a very harsh winter. During a dzud, livestock are unable to graze and have to rely on food stocks. In the past, a dzud occurred once or twice in a decade. Today, climatic...
Volcan de Fuego eruptions in Guatemala
05/10/2018 - Photo story
On 3 June 2018, Guatemala’s Fuego volcano blew up in one of the most violent series of eruptions in a century.
Afghanistan by ICRC
04/10/2018 - News
Large parts of Afghanistan are facing severe drought, worsening an already dire humanitarian situation. In response, the European Commission has committed an additional €20 million in emergency aid, bringing the total EU humanitarian aid for...
Indonesian earthquake by IFRC
01/10/2018 - News
Following the high number of casualties and damages caused by the earthquake and tsunami that struck Indonesia this weekend, the European Commission has released an initial €1.5 million in emergency humanitarian assistance.
Kerala flooding damage
19/09/2018 - News
The European Commission has allocated an additional €1 million in emergency aid to India as devastating floods killed nearly 500 people and submerged entire villages in the southern state of Kerala.

/echo/file/drones-humanitarian-action-0_enDrones in humanitarian action

Drones in humanitarian action
19/09/2018 - Video
Malawi is a small country in southern Africa with a population of 14 million people who mainly rely on agriculture as a means of subsistence. In 2017, drought in the country affected more than half the population. EU humanitarian support enables...
cyclone Mangkhut © EU
18/09/2018 - News
The European Commission has mobilised an emergency aid package worth €2 million to bring support to the victims of cyclone Mangkhut in the Philippines.
14/08/2018 - News
The EU has announced a further €500 000 to step up its emergency response to meet the most pressing needs of those affected by the devastating earthquakes that struck the Indonesian island of Lombok in late July and early August.
07/08/2018 - News
Following the widespread flooding triggered by incessant monsoon rains in the Philippines, the European Commission is allocating €150 000 in humanitarian funding to bring emergency assistance to affected communities.
06/08/2018 - News
Over 360 fire-fighting personnel, 7 planes, 6 helicopters and 67 vehicles were mobilised through the European Civil Protection Mechanism in the past three weeks, to assist Sweden in combating the unprecedented forest fires.