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06/10/2015 - Blog post
Ethiopia is currently experiencing severe droughts due to low performance in two consecutive rainy seasons. The number of people in need of emergency assistance in the country has increased by more than 50% in the last couple of months – from 2.9...
05/10/2015 - Blog post
Sudan is among the countries in the world with the highest rate of undernutrition. One in every three children aged under five is stunted and one in six weighs too little for his or her height.
15/09/2015 - Blog post
Every year, an estimated 500 000 Bangladeshi children suffer from severe acute malnutrition. Recurrent floods and cyclones further compound malnutrition among affected people as they have little time to recover between disasters.
11/08/2015 - Photo story
Guatemala is one of the world’s most food-insecure nations. In the northern region of San Marcos – home to more than a million, mostly indigenous, people – 86% of residents live in poverty, 61% in extreme poverty, and malnutrition affects 55% of the...
05/08/2015 - Photo story
Guatemala is recurrently affected by devastating droughts which destroy the food reserves that rural communities would normally expect to build up to feed their families throughout the year.
Photo credit: UNICEF/2015/South Sudan/Rich
09/07/2015 - Photo story
Since December 2013, the armed conflict in South Sudan has left thousands dead and over 2 million uprooted from their homes, including over half a million who have sought refuge in neighbouring countries.
18/06/2015 - News
In response to the growing humanitarian consequences of the Boko Haram attacks, the European Commission is providing €21 million to help the populations in Nigeria and the neighbouring countries who are affected by the violence inflicted by the...
01/06/2015 - Blog post
One of the world's least developed countries, Chad faces multiple humanitarian crises. Adding to an already fragile situation linked to undernutrition, food insecurity and epidemics, the attacks by the Boko Haram group in Nigeria and bordering...
A lifeline for undocumented Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh
22/05/2015 - Photo story
Over the last week, the world has been following the tragic fate of thousands of migrants drifting in the Andaman Sea after being abandoned by ruthless human traffickers. Many of these desperate migrants are Rohingya, a muslim minority from Myanmar...
20/05/2015 - Photo story
Malnutrition rates in many regions of Sudan are beyond emergency levels and disease outbreaks are common. Access to food for the most vulnerable population is an ongoing concern.