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A boy smiles as his family receives food from the World Food Programme (WFP) supported by the EU Commission.  He hopes the war will end soon so that he can return to his school and playground.   Photos: © WFP/ Fares Khoailed
06/10/2016 - Photo story
The World Food Programme (WFP) recently provided urgently-needed food for more than 22 000 displaced people in northern Yemen, as part of its efforts to reach vulnerable families in 19 out of Yemen's 20 governorates. The European Commission has...
Hawaneme is from Mougulu, a remote village in Papua New Guinea's Western Province and one of the areas most badly-affected by the drought. As she holds her granddaughter on her shoulders, she recounts how she has fainted from hunger several times. Hawanem
03/10/2016 - Photo story
The largest and most populated country in the Pacific region, Papua New Guinea has been bearing the brunt of the climatic phenomenom known as El Niño, which has disrupted weather patterns since mid-2015, triggering both drought and frost in higher...
27/09/2016 - Photo story
Every refugee who crosses an international border in search for safety hopes to return home soon. In protracted conflicts, years go by and certain refugee crises receive diminishing media and donor attention.

/echo/file/reshaping-aid-world-humanitarian-summit_enReshaping aid at the World Humanitarian Summit

Reshaping aid at the World Humanitarian Summit
13/05/2016 - News
At the first-ever World Humanitarian Summit taking place in ten days in Istanbul, Turkey, the EU and its Member States will jointly call for a reshape of the global humanitarian system.

/echo/file/reshaping-aid-world-humanitarian-summit_enReshaping aid at the World Humanitarian Summit

Reshaping aid at the World Humanitarian Summit
13/05/2016 - Video
Today, some 125 million men, women and children worldwide are in need of humanitarian aid. At this critical juncture, the international community comes together at the first ever World Humanitarian Summit on 23-24 May 2016 to rethink the way relief...
20/11/2015 - Photo story
Universal Children’s Day, every year on 20 November, is a celebration of children worldwide, but also a reminder of how their right to nutritious food, safe drinking water, good quality health care and a clean and safe environment – enshrined in the...
23/10/2015 - Photo story
In Yemen – the poorest country in the Arab peninsula – millions of people have been classified as extremely food-insecure. The nutritional situation in Yemen, which has long had to import 90% of its food needs, was already dire before the current...
22/10/2015 - Blog post
Just inside the hospital gate, large body bags from a small morgue are piled into the back of a land cruiser. The Danish Refugee Council’s burial team place two children-sized bags at the top. Just a few family members are joining the funeral,...
16/10/2015 - Blog post
Months of conflict have had a devastating impact on the civilian population in Yemen. Access to basic services, especially health care, is a struggle.

/echo/file/no-hunger-orchestra-celebrate-world-food-day-2015-milan-expo_enNo Hunger Orchestra to celebrate World Food Day 2015 at Milan EXPO

No Hunger Orchestra to celebrate World Food Day 2015 at Milan EXPO
15/10/2015 - Video
The No Hunger Orchestra is a very special music band using instruments made of non-edible parts of food created by the European Commission and the NGO Action Against Hunger in 2013. The Orchestra aims to raise awareness of the fight against...