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In one of the general food distribution centres in Sana’a, displaced Yemenis look for their names on the food assistance list before taking their food baskets.
25/04/2017 - News
The European Commission announced today at the United Nations in Geneva its intention to release further support of €116 million for those in need in Yemen.
A girl carries a bundle of grass back home in the late afternoon at the Protection of Civilians site (PoC), near Bentiu, South Sudan, February 12, 2017. Some 200 000 internally displaced people are living in PoCs at UN Mission compounds across the country
21/04/2017 - Photo story
War and a collapsing economy have left some 100 000 people facing starvation in parts of South Sudan where famine has now been declared.
Tumme in Kutur, Marsabit County, Kenya.
18/04/2017 - Blog post
Kenya has declared drought and hunger a national disaster. In the drylands where people are used to scarce rain, resilience is being tested.
Children attend school in South Kivu
11/04/2017 - News
The European Commission has announced humanitarian assistance of €47 million to help people in need in the Great Lakes and Southern Africa and Indian Ocean regions, who continue to face the consequences of years of conflict and displacement, as well...

/echo/file/training-health-workers-combat-under-nutrition-mali_enTraining health workers to combat under-nutrition in Mali

Training health workers to combat under-nutrition in Mali
07/04/2017 - Video
How do you fight a disease if you do not have medical staff properly trained on how to treat it? In many areas of the vast Sahelian band, this is an everyday problem. In this region, under-nutrition is responsible for the deaths of nearly half a...
31/03/2017 - News
EU Humanitarian Aid Operations and Action against Hunger have joined forces to launch a campaign to raise awareness of the ‘hunger season’ in the Sahel.
Mother and child wait for a doctor in Somalia
31/03/2017 - News
Despite international efforts to address food insecurity, around 108 million people in the world were severely food insecure in 2016, a dramatic increase compared with 80 million in 2015, according to a new global report on food crises released in...
A member of IMC staff in Yemen holds Anisa, 11 months, who has recovered from malnutrition. Photo: IMC.
29/03/2017 - Blog post
The conflict in Yemen is now in its third year, causing a humanitarian crisis which affects almost 20 million people.

/echo/file/clean-water-wayuu-people-colombia_enClean water for the Wayuu people of Colombia

Clean water for the Wayuu people of Colombia
22/03/2017 - Video
La Guajira, Colombia, is home to the indigenous Wayuu people. A humanitarian crisis has resulted from seven years of drought; in 2016, 86 children lost their lives. Today nearly 200 000 families are severely affected by drought. The Wayuu people are...

/echo/file/improving-life-displaced-somalis_enImproving life for displaced Somalis

Improving life for displaced Somalis
22/03/2017 - Video
Conflict and drought have driven 1.1 million Somalis from their homes and into over-crowded settlements around the capital Mogadishu and other nearby towns. Most of the displaced rely on humanitarian aid to meet their basic needs such as water and...