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09/11/2016 - Dernières nouvelles
In the morning of 9 November, Monique Pariat gave the opening speech at the Logistics Cluster Global Meeting, held at the Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC). Taking place twice a year for 3 days, this meeting provides an opportunity for...
07/11/2016 - Blog post
A month ago on 4 October, hurricane Matthew hit the south west of the Haitian peninsula, leaving behind a shocking trail of destruction. More than 500 people lost their lives and, according to World Bank estimates, the hurricane wrought almost EUR 1...
13/10/2016 - Blog post
Twenty years ago, the European Commission started DIPECHO, a people-oriented disaster preparedness programme helping communities at risk of disasters to better prepare themselves. It has since invested €325 million to boost communities' resilience...
10/10/2016 - Dernières nouvelles
The European Commission has stepped up its support with a further €1.5 million in emergency aid for those most affected by hurricane Matthew in Haiti to cover basic immediate needs.
05/10/2016 - Dernières nouvelles
The most powerful Atlantic cyclone in 2016, hurricane Matthew, made landfall in Haiti on Tuesday causing widespread destruction to the departments of Sud and Grande Anse. In response, the European Commission is providing €255 000 to fund...
10/08/2016 - Dernières nouvelles
Portugal has activated the EU Civil Protection Mechanism to help stop the spread of forest fires in several parts of the country. In an immediate response to the request for assistance, the EU has mobilised via the mechanism a firefighting plane...
11/11/2015 - Dernières nouvelles
Two technical experts from the United Kingdom and Germany have arrived today to Paraguay for a two-week mission to assist the national authorities in evaluating and managing the impact caused by a fire which took place recently.
Refugees at the Serbian border. Photo credit: EU/ECHO/Fabrice Martin
22/09/2015 - Dernières nouvelles
Yesterday, Serbia has activated the EU's Civil Protection Mechanism to benefit from material support to help cope with the influx of refugees and asylum seekers in the country.
Refugees queuing up at the Macedonian border. Photo credit: EU/ECHO/Fabrice Martin
14/09/2015 - Dernières nouvelles
Last Friday, Hungary activated the EU's Civil Protection Mechanism. This will allow Hungarian authorities to benefit from material support to help cope with the influx of refugees and asylum seekers.
11/09/2015 - Blog post
In May 2013, after a year of preparations, I travelled with my soon-to-become team to the city of Peja, Kosovo. Our mission was to assist the local civil protection and humanitarian aid organisations in strengthening existing capacities, and most...