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El Niño

07/09/2018 - Video
Communities in Malawi have come together to fight the effects of climate change and ensure they don't go hungry when hit by floods and drought. COOPI, with funding from the European Commission's Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid...
somalia © ICRC
11/07/2018 - News
Somalia and Djibouti will receive €89.5 million in European Union humanitarian assistance, as millions of people in the two countries grapple with the consequences of prolonged extreme weather.
Sur la route de Rosso by © EU/ECHO/Sylvain Cherkaoui
10/07/2018 - News
As the Sahel region experiences its worst food and nutrition crisis in five years and continued insecurity, the Commission has announced a humanitarian aid package worth €191.3 million.
Peru Floods by EU Delegation
07/02/2018 - Video
In 2017, the "coastal Niño" phenomenon caused the worst floods in Peru in three decades. The scale of destruction was immense: 348 000 houses were damaged, of which 55 000 were entirely destroyed. Over 40 000 km of roads, 2 915 schools,...
Haiti by WFP
01/02/2018 - News
Today the European Commission announced an aid package of €15 million for disaster preparedness and resilience-building in Haiti.
Ethiopia by IOM
08/12/2017 - News
People in Ethiopia are facing increasingly dangerous levels of food insecurity due to severe drought. To combat the worsening humanitarian situation, the European Commission has committed new emergency assistance of €15 million bringing the total...
14/11/2017 - Video
For agropastoralists in Somalia losing their animals is a telltale sign of trouble ahead. In many parts of the country, rains have barely brought reprieve from the prolonged drought that is affecting the Horn of Africa region. Up to 75% of livestock...
07/11/2017 - Blog post
When women are forced to leave their houses, they often only carry items which are thought to be essential to the family.
Maritu and her father in Ehtiopia by UNICEF
12/10/2017 - Blog post
Hundreds of thousands of young Ethiopian lives are under constant threat from drought and food shortages. The good news, however, is that efforts to detect child malnutrition and provide treatment are bearing fruit.
Disaster preparedness exercise in Nicaragua
24/05/2017 - News
Today the European Commission announced new funding of €14.3 million to support countries affected by natural disasters and invest in disaster risk reduction and resilience in Latin America and the Caribbean.