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Education in emergencies

Children in Freetown, Sierra Leone
14/05/2019 - News
The European Commission has announced today an unprecedented €164 million for Education in Emergencies projects in 2019.
14/05/2019 - Thematic page
14/05/2019 - Photo story
With over 1.2 million refugees, Uganda is Africa’s largest refugee hosting country. The majority are from South Sudan and over 60 percent of them are children below 18 years of age. Among the 14 to 18 teenage population, almost 90 percent are out of...
14/05/2019 - Basic page
Worldwide nearly 75 million children have limited or no access to school because of conflicts or natural disasters. Education is a fundamental human right. In humanitarian crises, it means safety and protection. It gives children the necessary...
20/02/2019 - News
The EU has announced an additional €30 million in humanitarian assistance. Another €20 million in development funding will contribute to the reconstruction of the country's cultural heritage, as well as the creation of jobs and opportunities...
01/02/2019 - Photo story
Many children in Syria have only known a life of war and conflict.
29/01/2019 - Photo story
At least 180 000 children are thought to be working across Lebanon, many of them are Syrians. With more than half of Syrian refugees living in extreme poverty, some parents feel they have no choice but to send their children to work in order to put...
24/01/2019 - News
On 6 December 2018, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 24 January as International Day of Education, in celebration of the role of education for peace and development.
Uganda education
23/01/2019 - Photo story
Zoka Central Primary School in Uganda’s West Nile region had closed down, but after a massive influx of South Sudanese refugees the school re-opened.
A child refugee in Turkey. Of today’s record humanitarian budget announcement, 10% is dedicated to education in emergencies. © WFP/Deniz Akkus
16/01/2019 - News
As an increasing number of people face humanitarian crises worldwide, the EU has adopted its biggest ever initial annual humanitarian budget of €1.6 billion for 2019.