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On Solid Ground: We left after the first shots...
21/01/2014 - Video
Hear the stories of ordinary people who lost their homes, fled and had to rebuild their lives. Hear the stories from #OnSolidGround.
16/01/2014 - News
During the donor conference in Kuwait, Commissioner Georgieva pledged additional funding of €165 million on behalf of the European Union to assist the suffering people of Syria.
14/01/2014 - News
Commissioner Georgieva is on her way to Kuwait for a second major pledging conference for this tragic humanitarian crisis to take place on 15 January.
07/01/2014 - News
One week ahead of a major donor conference in Kuwait on 15 January, our partners UNICEF, UNHCR, Save the Children, and World Vision have launched a campaign calling on governments, aid agencies and members of the public to become champions for the...
05/12/2013 - News
"On Solid Ground", a photo exhibition funded by ECHO, in cooperation with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and Panos Pictures will be on display in central Brussels until 20 December.
Healthcare in Danger: The crucial importance
02/12/2013 - Video
When healthcare workers and facilities are allowed in conflict, they can perform their duties and save lives. Peter Maurer from the ICRC highlights a particular case he saw first hand where two children survived because the hospital they were...
17/09/2013 - News
Music, like food, moves the world. Action Against Hunger and the European Commission's Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection department (ECHO) are working together to use this connection to raise public awareness about an undeniable issue:...
05/09/2013 - News
On Solid Ground, a photo exhibition funded by ECHO, in cooperation with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and Panos Pictures will be launched today in front of the Palais des Congres in Perpignan, France during the International...
19/08/2013 - News
World Humanitarian Day, a symbolic moment to reflect on a worldwide issue of how humanitarians commit themselves to helping the most vulnerable.
ICRC Healthcare in Danger: The Human Cost (Trailer)
09/08/2013 - Video
ECHO invites you to watch the following film from International Committee of the Red Cross. The law says hospitals, ambulances and health-care workers must be protected and should never be targeted as they carry out their regular duties. This is...