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Every year, the European Commission's Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations runs high impact communication campaigns to raise awareness and enhance understanding and support of humanitarian aid values among the EU citizens. The campaigns...
What is it?Eurobarometer surveys monitor the evolution of public opinion in all EU Member States. The aim is to assess EU citizens’ awareness of and support for the European Union's activities. Tracing public opinion trends helps the preparation of...
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The "EU Protects" campaign tells the real-life stories of people who work for, or are supported by, the EU - and whose job it is to keep us all safe.
The communication campaign "EU Saves Lives" aims at raising awareness of the European Union's response to natural or man-made disasters.
EU Saves Lives header
 Launched on 6th of April 2018 in Vilnius, Lithuania, the #EUSavesLives campaign consists of a virtual reality roadshow which will tour several countries between April and July 2018. The roadshow will stop in Bucharest, Berlin, Rome, Marseille,...
WhatFoodMeans in Ethiopia is a campaign to educate a European audience on how the right partnerships and interventions can achieve more than saving lives.
03/03/2017 - Video
Last year, when a devastating drought struck Ethiopia, EU and World Food Programme (WFP) assistance helped keep millions of people from hunger. Follow Tsion's story about rebuilding lives then and how we need to continue the fight against hunger...
Education is fundamental for children to express their full potential and build a prosperous future for themselves and society.
11/07/2016 - Video
School means life for many thousands of children in West Africa. M'mah and Adamah live in Forecariah, Guinea – a country which has been seriously affected by the Ebola outbreak. Thanks to a programme by the EU and UNICEF, M'mah and Adamah were able...
Today, over 65 million people are deprived of a home, a family and a job, due to the intensification of conflicts. It is the highest number of refugees and displaced people since World War II. To survive, every one of them needs humanitarian aid....
Christos Stylianides, EU Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management  © European Union
05/07/2016 - News
Young refugees and football celebrities put on their soccer cleats and joined forces in mixed-gender teams for a special football match today in Lyon, France.