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Colombia by UNFAO
Colombia healthcare
06/06/2019 - News
As many people continue to be displaced in Colombia and are threatened by natural disasters, the European Commission announced today a new aid package of €6 million to help those most in need in the country.
Delivering healthcare to Colombia’s Amazon villages
08/05/2019 - Photo story
In August 2018, torrential rains flooded large regions of Colombia’s Amazon rainforest, where isolated indigenous peoples live in remote communities.
Colombia by ICRC
30/05/2018 - News
The European Commission allocated €160 000 to strengthen the response capacities of the Colombian Red Cross in the region of the Ituango dam in Bajo Cauca, Colombia after flooding forced many to evacuate.
Christos Stylianides visiting EU aid projects in Colombia
17/03/2018 - News
During an official visit to Colombia to visit EU aid projects and meet with government officials, Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management, Christos Stylianides has announced today €31 million for humanitarian aid and disaster...
The Mosquera family
14/03/2018 - Blog post
Despite the Colombian government implementing a peace agreement with one of the country’s largest guerrilla group, the FARC, civilians continue to suffer the humanitarian consequences of the ongoing violence by several other armed groups. Colombia...
Colombia by NRC
04/01/2018 - Video
A six decade-long armed conflict in Colombia has caused the most prolonged and serious humanitarian crisis in the Americas. Despite government peace accord with the country’s largest guerrilla group, the FARC, civilians continue to suffer the...
27/11/2017 - Video
For decades, Colombia has faced the consequences of an armed conflict that has left 7.3 million internally displaced persons (IDPs) – the world's largest caseload. Despite the 2016 peace agreement with one of the largest guerrillas, violence...
16/11/2017 - Video
Sixty years of armed conflict in Colombia have caused one of the largest humanitarian crises in the Western Hemisphere. Colombia still records the largest number of internally displaced people (IDPs) worldwide. Despite the 2016 Government-FARC (...
Western Colombia Indigenous Emberra community
09/08/2017 - Video
Colombia’s ongoing conflict and violence has caused 345 271 new forced displacements in the past 2 years alone. Indigenous communities are often the first victims. The EU and its humanitarian partner the Lutheran World Federation are providing...