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21/09/2018 - Country page

/echo/file/specialised-health-services-provide-relief-refugees-turkey_enSpecialised health services provide relief for refugees in Turkey

Specialised health services provide relief for refugees in Turkey
05/06/2018 - Video
Thousands of refugees in Turkey, children included, suffer from conflict-related trauma – both physical and mental. One example is Ayda, who is just a child. She suffered from extreme anxiety which caused her to sleepwalk. This all started when...


ESSN card
25/05/2018 - Photo story
Almost half of the 3.5 million refugees currently living in Turkey are children.

/echo/file/conditional-cash-transfer-education-ccte-programme-refugee-children-turkey_enConditional Cash Transfer for Education (CCTE) Programme for Refugee Children in Turkey

Conditional Cash Transfer for Education (CCTE) Programme for Refugee Children in Turkey
08/05/2018 - Video
The aim of the CCTE programme is to encourage school enrolment and improve pupils' attendance. The programme has two main components; families receive a cash transfer when their children attend school regularly, and a child protection outreach...
Luay, young zorro by Unicef Turkey
09/04/2018 - Blog post
Just like Zorro, Luay will fight for truth and justice. The look on his face shows that nothing is impossible in this life.
The children of the Reshid family, Melek, Zeynep, Silva, and Ahmed, doing their homework
13/02/2018 - Blog post
“When we first arrived in Turkey, the very first thing I did was to look for a school for my children,” says Leyla Reshid, a mother of three girls and one boy. The Reshid family fled from Syria to Turkey in 2012, eventually settling in Istanbul....
Doctors of the World by DWW
12/01/2018 - Blog post
There are more than 3.4 million Syrian refugees in Turkey. Due to the challenges in getting a legal status, financial problems, language and cultural barriers, some Syrian refugees face difficulties in accessing health facilities and other public...
ESSN Turkey by WFP
11/12/2017 - News
The Commission announced additional humanitarian aid for two major projects through the EU Facility for Refugees in Turkey, that both work by providing monthly transfers via debit card.
17/10/2017 - News
Launched in September 2016, and implemented by the World Food Programme (WFP) and the Turkish Red Crescent in collaboration with the Turkish government, the European Union's flagship humanitarian programme, the Emergency Social Safety Net (ESSN...
Amira by UNHCR
17/10/2017 - Blog post
Currently there are over three million registered Syrian refugees in Turkey and refugee women represent 25 per cent of the Syrian refugee population in Turkey. With the generous support from the European Union, UNHCR is able to address specific...