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South Sudan

14/05/2019 - Photo story
With over 1.2 million refugees, Uganda is Africa’s largest refugee hosting country. The majority are from South Sudan and over 60 percent of them are children below 18 years of age. Among the 14 to 18 teenage population, almost 90 percent are out of...

/echo/file/giving-children-south-sudan-space-learn_frGiving children in South Sudan a space to learn

Giving children in South Sudan a space to learn
01/03/2019 - Video
South Sudan has the highest rate of out-of-school children in conflict-affected areas. With education being one of the most underfunded areas in humanitarian aid, the European Union has, since 2015, increased each year the support it gives to...
South Sudan by Albert Gonzalez Farran of Medair
25/02/2019 - Country page
17/09/2018 - Photo story
Seven years after the world’s youngest nation gained independence, fighting, sexual violence and human rights abuses continue unabated in South Sudan.
Vocational training gives Sudanese refugees in Chad a livelihood and autonomy
30/08/2018 - Photo story
Farchana refugee camp in eastern Chad measures 1.7 square kilometres, about the size of 19 football pitches.
South Sudan refugees
17/07/2018 - Photo story
With over 900 000 refugees, Ethiopia is the second largest refugee-hosting nation in Africa after Uganda. About half are people who have fled brutal conflict in the world’s newest country, South Sudan. A steady stream of refugees continues to...
21/06/2018 - Dernières nouvelles
Le Kenya et l’Ouganda figurent parmi les premiers pays d’accueil de réfugiés en Afrique, comptant des millions de réfugiés dans le besoin.
19/06/2018 - Dernières nouvelles
La Commission a annoncé aujourd’hui une aide humanitaire de € 68 millions pour les communautés les plus vulnérables du Soudan et du Soudan du Sud. Ce financement intervient alors que des millions de gens dans ces deux pays ont besoin d’une aide, le...

/echo/file/growing-uganda-away-violence-south-sudan_frGrowing up in Uganda away from the violence in South Sudan

Growing up in Uganda away from the violence in South Sudan
19/04/2018 - Video
Steven is 12 years old, he loves football. Steven is also a refugee from South Sudan who fled to Uganda with his parents where he has the chance to grow up free from fear and violence. In this video, Steven tells his story through his own words and...

/echo/file/teaming-help-south-sudanese-refugee-children-overcome-trauma-war_frTeaming up to help South Sudanese refugee children overcome the trauma of war

Teaming up to help South Sudanese refugee children overcome the trauma of war
10/04/2018 - Video
More than two million South Sudanese have taken refuge in Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, and Uganda. Uganda currently hosts more than one million South Sudanese refugees - some 60 per cent of whom are children. Many of these child refugees travelled alone...