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27/06/2019 - News
As the Horn of Africa region continues to be afflicted by severe and prolonged humanitarian crises, the EU announces a new aid package worth €110.5 million.
Somalia by Sebastien Rich Unicef
26/10/2018 - Video
In 2017, the European Commission’s Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO) department and the international community provided assistance to avoid a new famine in Somalia, but the hardship is far from over. In recent years, drought...
somalia © ICRC
11/07/2018 - News
Somalia and Djibouti will receive €89.5 million in European Union humanitarian assistance, as millions of people in the two countries grapple with the consequences of prolonged extreme weather.
04/07/2018 - Video
More than 1.1 million people fled their homes in Somalia due to drought and conflict in 2017, adding to the one million people who were already displaced within the country from previous years. Beyond Somalia’s borders, an additional one million...
Somalia Cash-based assistance by EU/ECHO
22/01/2018 - Video
Famine has so far been averted in Somalia. Still today, after unrelenting drought in certain areas and erratic rains in others, relief efforts are needed more than ever. Half the population requires assistance and more than one million Somalis are...
14/11/2017 - Video
For agropastoralists in Somalia losing their animals is a telltale sign of trouble ahead. In many parts of the country, rains have barely brought reprieve from the prolonged drought that is affecting the Horn of Africa region. Up to 75% of livestock...
Cash aid helping Somali families in need
28/09/2017 - Video
Like 750 000 other Somalis, Sadia and her neighbours were displaced by the severe drought that is affecting the Horn of Africa region. She was heavily pregnant when they decided to leave their village on foot for fear of starvation. In Dolow, a...
Somalia famine
21/09/2017 - Video
Somalia is one of four countries in Africa and the Middle East facing famine as a result of drought and conflict. While half of Somalis are facing food shortages, thousands of cholera and measles cases are adding to their woes. The EU has scaled up...
Sahra refugee in Somaliland
01/09/2017 - Video
Refugees often live in a state of limbo, waiting for governments to change or conflicts to end. In the meantime, time seems to stands still. But life doesn't stop when a person becomes a refugee - both the young and the old struggle to make it...