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Syrian children in Iraq


Why is this essential?

The terrible conflict and violence in Syria has led to a huge outflow of refugees into neighbouring countries since the start of the unrest in March 2011. Around 45 000Syrian refugees have been located in Domiz camp in Northern Iraq near the border with Syria as of October 2013. The harsh living conditions in the camp have made it difficult for children and youths to bring a sense of normality back into their lives. The lack of recreational activities is just one of the examples of the obstacles that these children face in achieving normal development and psychological wellbeing. Each and every child in the world should have the opportunity to grow up in peace and develop their talents – just like European children.

How is the EU Children of Peace project helping?

ECHO's partner ACTED is running an EU Children of Peace project funded through the money from the Nobel peace prize. It opened a Child Friendly Space and a Youth Friendly space in Domiz camp offering a place where youngsters between the ages five to 15 can participate in supervised recreational and therapeutic activities. At the same time ACTED also monitors the children's general protection needs, encourages "peace building", and increases overall knowledge in child protection and education in emergencies thereby promoting child protection measures and increasing the children's wellbeing long term. Through the Nobel peace prize, this EU Children of Peace project from ACTED reaches out to around 7 000 children through these various activities.

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